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Smoke Fired Vase

Smoke Fired Vase


  • Description

    This vase, made by joining coils of clay together, is refined to the point of burnishing. The finish creates a smooth surface which captures the patterns created by smoke from the firing. 


    To smoke-fire the pot, a fire is built over it, and it is burnt from the top, allowing smoke to engulf the pot and create the patterns that emerge during the firing. 


    The shape is inspired by traditional ceramic forms, reimagined in a natural, relaxed, manner. The flattened, ovular shape of the pot, allows it to sit perfectly on a shallow shelf or mantelpiece, maximising it's presence.


  • Size & Weight

    Weight : 1kg. 

    Dimensions: (H) 20cm x  (W) 18.5cm x (W) 12cm

  • Materials

    Coil Built Stoneware, burnished and smoke fired. As this piece is low fired and unglazed it is not water tight and as such is only suitable for dry flowers.

  • Shipping

     UK: Postage and Packaging £4.50, free shipping for all orders over £45.


    EU and International shipping: Please get in touch at to organise postage.

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