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Hazel Frost studied Ceramic design at Central St Martins, graduating in 2013. After which she developed her knowledge of studio pottery assisting acclaimed ceramicists Nicola Tassie and Stuart Carey. Since establishing her own studio in 2021 she has completed commissions for clients such as Vacheron Constantin and Glenturret Lalique.


From domestic ware to sculptural pieces, each creation is driven by an ethos of exploration and creative spontaneity. Harnessing an array of materials - from delicate porcelain to wild clay - she achieves a myriad of effects, all united by an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and harmonious design.


The heart of Hazel's artistic practice lies in the potter’s wheel, a skill she first discovered during her college years in 2009. Captivated by the process, she immerses herself in its rhythm daily within her studio. In addition to wheel-thrown pieces, she explores the realm of coil-built forms and various hand-building techniques to craft larger sculptural works, constantly pushing the boundaries of her creative expression.

Please get in contact if you have any enquiries, commissions or collaborations, by emailing

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