I am Hazel Frost, born 1991, Newcastle upon Tyne now based in Edinburgh.

I first began making with clay at Newcastle College during a foundation art course, I have now been working with it for around 10 years, studying ceramic design BA at Central Saint Martins. Since graduating I have interned for ceramicist Stuart Carey and installation artist Jacob Van Der Beugal, moved from London to Queensland to Northumberland then eventually to Edinburgh.  

My work is primarily about building a condensed world out of functional pots. I use porcelain vessels as a language to express myself. I create as many different elements to be assembled depending on the location, the placement of each piece being more important than the process of making it. 


There is a therapeutic quality to creating repetitive pots that mimic repetitive forms in nature. Through experimentation I try to mimic geological processes such as erosion and the formation of rocks under high temperatures.

While my primary material is ceramics my practice is not limited to this, I use many different materials and found objects within my work. However the craft of ceramics is a strong presence, I enjoy playing with the boundaries of craft and art, transforming the functionality of a bowl or a vase by placing it carefully within a new context, that changes its entire purpose.

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