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I studied ceramic design at Central St Martins, graduating in 2013. Since then I have developed my skills through working at many different studios and potteries.

All of my ceramics are hand built in Edinburgh with the vast majority being thrown on the wheel, which I have been doing since I was introduced to it during the foundation art and design course at Newcastle College. I have also recently taken to coil building, enjoying the slower nature of the process, this is something I have developed during the lockdown period from my home.  

Throughout my work I look to create balanced vessels, using several different clay bodies, from porcelain to foraged clay to create pieces that are varied, but altogether cohesive.

I draw on an exploration of the slow geological processes, the movements of the earth that create the clay I work with. This is together with exploring the landscapes and natural forms around me in Scotland.

Please get in contact if you have any enquiries, commissions or collaborations, by emailing

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