I studied ceramic design at Central St Martins, graduating in 2013. Since then I have assisted studio potters, Stuart Carey and Nicola Tassie as well as installation artist Jacob Van Der Beugal.

I am inspired by the craft of ceramics, passionate about exploring all facets of hand building. Most of my work is thrown on the wheel, which I have been doing since my foundation year at Newcastle College. I have also recently taken to coil building, enjoying the slower nature of the process, this is something I have developed during the lockdown period from my home.  

Throughout my work I look to create balanced vessels, push materials to their limits and ultimately create a high standard of pottery. My inspiration is rooted in the exploration of the geological processes that create the clay material, the slow movement of the earths crust. This is in conjunction with exploring the landscapes around me in Scotland.

If you have any inquiries please email me at: